Whatever design or type of pool you have, whether it is a commercial pool or in a residential area, regular pool maintenance is crucial for the endurance of the pool, throughout the year. This means that you need to incorporate some essential pool maintenance tips that we will discuss below. This is not only essential for its allure but also for the overall pool’s health and its safe use.

1. Vacuuming your pool

This is the most basic and easy step which should be a part of the daily cleaning routine of your pool. This helps to get rid of any dirt or debris that may have been collected in the water. Vacuuming also helps to get rid of any algae growth that may cause problems later on.

2. Brushing and skimming of the pool

Following the daily pool care routine, skimming and brushing the walls of the pool ensures that the water remains clean and safe for swimmers. It removes algae buildup and any calcium deposits that could lead to the degeneration of your swimming pool.

3. Cleaning your pool filter

This depends on how often your pool is used. Cleaning your pool filter isn’t something that is supposed to be done daily but it is important to clean when needed. During the peak season, you can do it every once a month, it also depends on the type of filter that your pool has.

 But how do you know when it’s time to clean it? If there is a clogged drain, an unusual pool odor or your hose cleaner is not working properly, these are some signs that the filter needs to be cleaned. 

4. Backwashing your pool

This is the process of reversing the water flow through your pool filter. This enables any debris, dirt, or impurities that may be stuck inside the filter to flush out of the pool filter. 

5. Maintain a proper pH water health

Preserving the ideal pH level of your swimming pool water is vital for keeping it clean. The optimal pH range should be around 7.4 to 7.6, which is slightly alkaline.

6. Shock treatment for your swimming pool

Shock treatments involve adding high levels of chlorine to the pool for sanitization of the pool water. The high dose of chlorine helps to kill any impurities and make your pool crystal clear. It is best to consult a professional pool maintenance company such as KABCO that can perform these treatments and other pool services for your pool.

Pro tip: shock treatments should be performed during the evening or nighttime as the UV rays during the daytime can decrease the efficiency of the process.