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The initial and most crucial step in any swimming pool construction is the design of the area. At KABCO, we offer a range of design and layouts for a swimming pool – keeping up with the latest and contemporary trends and designs.

Get Your Dream Pool Design Services

We offer best swimming pool design consultation to our clients after assessing the area where the swimming pool is to be built. Taking into account our client’s demands as we value your opinion, we come up with the most suitable and outstanding designs that are best fitted for your space.

We build exceptional swimming pools that are customized to your taste and designed for the best use of it. Different factors need to be considered when creating a swimming pool area including the size of the area, the shape of the design, the layout of the pool, and the terrain. From the planning stage to the design process, we take you along the way so that nothing is missed!

Pool Design Services
Pool Design

How Does A Pool Design Consultation Work?

  • A thorough design consultation where ideas and requirements are exchanged.
  • We provide suggestions and custom solutions to our clients for the best possible design and layout of the pool that is most suitable. For the space.
  • 2D and 3D pool designs and drawings that are personalized to our client’s requirements and our expertise.

Choosing the Right Swimming Pool Design Company

Finding the right swimming pool design for your space can be a difficult task. This is why certified and professional swimming pool companies such as KABCO offer a detailed consultation for your pool design and structure. We present to you the best ideas and designs that are top-notch and best suited for your space. If you have a design in mind, we can help you create it!

Experience and Expertise

Choose a swimming pool contracting company that has experience with creating swimming pool spaces for different clients.

Certified Pool Designer

Choose a professional contractor who is certified and has a decent reputation in the industry. Kabco Group aims to provide reliable services to its customers.

Affordable Rates

Choose a pool contractor who can fit your budget for the swimming pool. Kabco Group ensures that you get finest services at cheap rates.


Are you building a new swimming pool? Looking for a registered pool builder to complete a quality pool renovation? Look no further!

The Need for a Professional Swimming Pool Company in Dubai

Dubai is the perfect vacation destination with lots of exciting activities to explore. If you are living in Dubai and own a swimming pool or may be planning to construct one, then you need the help of a professional swimming pool company based in Dubai that has experience and certification.

Whether you need a commercial pool or a residential pool, we take care of the pool design, construction, pool renovation, cleaning, and maintenance services for you! Choose KABCO for all your pool services and needs!

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Benefits of Swimming Pool Design Consultation

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