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Landscaping Company in Dubai

The architecture of Dubai speaks of luxury, modernity, and exquisiteness. And, to maintain this standard, each building there, whether it’s public or private property, is designed with sheer elegance and grandeur.

Thus, a Landscaping Company in Dubai is a major part of its architecture. And for this purpose, many construction companies offer professional landscaping.

In fact, Landscaping becomes a lot easier when you hire an expert construction and maintenance company for the purpose. Moreover, it puts less burden on your pocket as the utilization of resources is well-planned.

Let’s have a look at what landscaping services are available in Dubai:

1. Swimming Pool Construction and Maintenance:

Swimming pool construction and maintenance are a mandatory part of luxury landscaping. We need to hire expert companies who can plan and design a pool.

Besides, they help make proper use of our space and resources hassle-freely. Moreover, swimming pools need regular cleaning, maintenance of motors, pumps, filters, chlorination, and water level checks for safer use.

Landscaping companies provide all these services.

2. Gardening:

Beautifying your outdoor space is very important for the pleasant look of any building. A well-groomed lawn, finely trimmed bushes, and plantation require special attention. Landscaping services in Dubai cover all these tasks for you.

Landscaping Company in Dubai

3. Hardscaping:

Hardscaping refers to all non-plant parts of your garden. What’s more? Hardscaping services cover the following features of your landscaping:

  • Stone pathways

  • Flag posts

  • Concrete walls

  • Seeding

  • Fertilizers

4. Softscaping:

On the other hand, softscaping deals with plantation, grass, and vegetation. These services include:

  • Tree, shrub, and herb plantation

  • Seeding

  • Development of roof gardens and balconies

  • Establishing poolside plantations

  • Irrigation

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5. Water Features:

Always wanted to set fountains for your lawn? Are you afraid of water wastage? Well, expert landscaping service providers will do it in a sustainable way for you.

Actually, they plan and design how and where to place a fountain. Moreover, they will build the water system professionally.

For a more sustainable fountain system, you can use the water for irrigation purposes. However, only an experienced company will help you save water.

landscaping company in dubai

6. Plumbing:

A well-maintained landscape requires a good plumbing system. Services you can enjoy when doing landscaping in Dubai are as follows:

  • Installation of pipelines

  • Repair of leakages

  • Installation of irrigation systems

  • Installation of sewerage system

  • Drain Cleaning

  • Waterline installation

  • Water heater installation and maintenance

7. HVAC:

Our best landscaping company in Dubai will also provide HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) services for your buildings. These include:

  • Supply and Installation of car park ventilation system along with fans, dampers, and smoke detecting sensors.

  • Supply & Installation of the complete chilled water system including chillers, piping systems inside the buildings and pump rooms, pumps, control systems, heat exchangers, and pressurization units.

  • Supply & Installation of Fan Coil Units along with all ducting works, piping assembly, connections, and control systems.

  • Supply and installation of smoke and staircase pressurization systems.

  • Testing and maintenance for all HVAC systems of the building

  • Supply & Installation of vapor barriers.

  • Fixing Air conditioner leakage

  • Supply and installation of Grills and diffusers.

With all these services that our professionals provide in Dubai, you can sit back and relax, while putting your trust in our Swimming Pool Company in Dubai as we prepare your landscape for you.