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Be it the construction of bespoke swimming pools or repairing, upgrading, or taking care of them, we deal with your swimming pool construction services in Dubai. Kabco has become a leading Swimming pool construction company in Dubai, and that’s why you can always count on us. Our top-notch swimming pool construction includes building pools of all sizes and shapes to meet the specific needs of our prestigious clients.After finalizing the design and layout of the swimming pool as per our client’s needs, our skilled team of engineers and architects work together to create a masterpiece of your space. From the start to the end, we ensure that everything is streamlined and carried out with the utmost priority.
We build a perfectly-sized pool for every type of building, be it a house, gymnasium, restaurant, resort, and more.
Aside from that, our full-fledged swimming pool services will efficiently keep up with your pool. Delivering uncompromised and all-inclusive pool construction services have made us a high-ranking swimming pool construction company in Dubai.

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Best Swimming Pool Construction

KABCO Group promises to deliver an efficient and effective swimming pool construction process so that you do not have to worry. We make sure that our client’s specific requirements are fulfilled so that they can have a space exactly the way that they have dreamed of!

Kabco offers the best swimming pool construction and services in Dubai with the help of its highly efficient team and hi-tech equipment. Whether you want a commercial or a residential swimming pool, we’ve been building bespoke pools for over a decade. We follow all the necessary standards of safety and state law when constructing your pool. This is what has made us the number one swimming pool construction company Dubai.

With the use of high-quality materials and advanced equipment, we follow top safety and quality standards. Rest assured that KABCO will deliver the best results for your swimming pool requirements!


Professional Swimming Pool Contractors in Dubai

KABCO is one of the top rated swimming pool contractors in Dubai. We offers best quality swimming pool services, include pool designing, construction and cleaning . KABCO always give priority to quality while it comes to safety. We incorporate all the necessary standard safety measures for your swimming pool.

Our befitting swimming pool designs are not only practical but also beautify your premises and offer a high level of luxury. By considering your property’s needs, we execute the best-suitable swimming pool design—for instance, lap, plunge, infinity, or a family pool, to name a few.
We build all types of swimming pools to meet individual clients’ needs. Be it a diving pool, architectural pool, a combo of outdoor and indoor pool, and many more. This has made us a top-ranking swimming pool construction company in Dubai. Our skilled team knows the nuts and bolts of swimming pool design and construction. By delivering prompt and the best quality swimming pool services, they strive to satisfy our clients to the fullest.

If you are looking for swimming pool repair services in Dubai, then you are at the right place! We offer exceptional swimming pool repair services that are carried out by our team of experienced workers who have been working for years to bring swimming pool areas back to life. Whatever the issue you may be facing with your swimming pool, be it cracks in your pool tiles or technical failures with your pool equipment, we have the resources to fix it for you! We replace your old or out-of-order pool equipment with top-quality, latest equipment at a reasonable price!

Choosing the Right Swimming Pool Construction Company

If you are searching for the best pool construction services in Dubai, then rest assured that we can provide you with all sorts of pool services. From using top-quality raw materials to pool construction services, we create masterpieces for you! Hassle-free and all-inclusive swimming pool services for the proper upkeep of your pool.Being a leading Swimming pool construction company in Dubai, Kabco makes your swimming pool making a lot less hassle. No matter if you have an indoor swimming pool or an outdoor one. Built-in a commercial area or a residential setting. For personal use or recreational purposes. It will not stay crystal-clear all the time due to the wind, dirt, dust, rain, sun exposure, and other environmental factors.

Experience and Expertise

Choose a swimming pool contracting company that has experience with creating swimming pool spaces for different clients.

Certified Contractor

Choose a professional contractor who is certified and has a decent reputation in the industry. Kabco Group aims to provide reliable services to its customers.

Affordable Rates

Choose a pool contractor who can fit your budget for the swimming pool. Kabco Group ensures that you get finest services at cheap rates.


Are you building a new swimming pool? Looking for a registered pool builder to complete a quality pool renovation? Look no further!

The Need for a Professional Swimming Pool Company in Dubai

Dubai is the perfect vacation destination with lots of exciting activities to explore. If you are living in Dubai and own a swimming pool or may be planning to construct one, then you need the help of a professional swimming pool maintenance company in Dubai that has experience and certification.

Whether you need a commercial pool or a residential pool, we take care of the pool design, construction, renovation, pool cleaning, services for you! Choose KABCO for all your pool services and needs!

To keep your pool well-maintained at all times, you need professional swimming pool services. Our broad-ranging pool services help keep your pool look pristine and its water sparkling blue. From pool vacuum services, restoration, lights repair, rectification, draining to leak detection, and servicing the water heater/chiller, we get your pool covered.

To deliver all-inclusive pool services, our knowledgeable team check and correct the pH levels of your pool water. They also perform backwater washing, cleaning of pump baskets, cleaning and disinfecting the pool deck, and chlorine treatment for the removal of impurities.
Our swimming pool company in Dubai also ensures appropriate water levels to keep up with your pool. All this adds to our credibility and makes us your first choice for maintaining your swimming pools.

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Benefits of KABCO's Swimming Pool Construction

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swimming pool company in dubai


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pool construction landscaping in Dubai


pool construction landscaping in Dubai


pool construction landscaping in Dubai


pool construction landscaping in Dubai


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If you are searching for the best swimming pool construction company in Dubai and landscape experts, choose KABCO Group for all indoor and outdoor services in Dubai. With more than 8 years of experience and certified experts, we carry out all services with quality and top safety standards. Contact us today to get a free consultation and a quote.

We offer an extensive range of services from landscaping services, gardening services, villa renovation in Dubai, villa extension in Dubai, interior designing in Dubai, and a variety of swimming pool services.

We are a trusted and certified company that provides number 1 services for swimming pool construction & landscaping in Dubai.

We offer swimming pool construction, design consultation, swimming pool maintenance and cleaning, swimming pool restoration and renovation services in Dubai and across UAE.


Abdullah Bin Zaid

“We hired KABCO’s swimming pool construction and landscaping services. And I must say that I was impressed with the quality and the designs. It complements our space really well!”

Muhammad Haris

“I am really satisfied with the team at KABCO. The whole process of their interior designing services was smooth and of top quality.”


“The landscaping and gardening services were carried out by experienced individuals who provided us with a complete design plan, which completely matched our vision!”

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