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Swimming Pool Contractors

Chilling out in the swimming pool is one of the most enjoyed home activities by families, as a swimming pool company in dubai we understand the importance of having a well-maintained swimming pool at your house or restaurant. The water of the Swimming pool carries chemicals so the water can stay purified, but not too long.
Maintaining a pool means carrying the responsibility for your hygiene, which is why KABCO Group | swimming pool contractors in Dubai takes it very seriously. And for that, we offer all the services you could get to ensure a safe swim for your family or customers. At KABCO Group maintenance is at the highest standard possible. We know it is the highest because we are very persistent and focused with our pool-testing.
We offer a wide range of pool products and services to best suit the customer’s needs, from salt water chlorinators to pumps and filters and even outdoor showers and pool lighting. A swimming pool cleaning service is essential for health and hygiene. Our experienced pool operators make sure the pool is 100% ready at any time.
Services we offer:
  • Swimming pool maintenance and cleaning service
  • Water chemistry testing including analysis performed by Municipality approved Laboratories
  • Water chemistry balancing for optimum pool sanitization
  • Pool equipment renovation and replacement
  • Annual Pool Maintenance Contracts to both commercial and residential customers
  • Affordable & Effective Cost


Best Swimming Pool Contractors In Dubai

Constructing right-sized, timeless, and most practical swimming pools for you.

From designing, constructing, cleaning, and maintaining, our swimming pool contractors Dubai perform your swimming pool installation in Dubai seamlessly.
Whether you want an indoor swimming pool or one for your outdoor, our well-experienced swimming pool contractors shall do it for you. Before constructing your dream pool, our well-versed contractors evaluate the overlook of your premises. They incorporate advanced technology and the latest swimming pool equipment and keep with all the safety standards. This is how they deliver nothing but the best quality swimming pool services.


Here’s Why Kabco Is Your Best Swimming Pool Company In Dubai

Swimming Pool Company In Dubai

Uplift/beautify the look and maximize the value of your property with our bespoke swimming pools.
Whether constructing a swimming pool in a residential setting or a commercial area, Kabco, your reliable Swimming pool company in Dubai, knows the right way of doing it.
The reason we are the Best swimming pool company in Dubai is that we prioritize client satisfaction and have the best tailor-made designs for you. Our seasoned team holds all the required certificates and licenses to perform the proper swimming pool installation. Offering a broad range of swimming pool designs, our best quality swimming pool services are available at highly affordable rates.