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    KABCO is a leading swimming pool contracting company based in Dubai with over 10 years of experience. We are known for our reliable and trusted pool services with a range of satisfied, international clientage with top repute. Our expert swimming pool contractors in Dubai have vast experience in the field of swimming pool contraction. They are not only certified swimming pool contractors but can take on any sort of project, however complex it may be. They do not just construct and build swimming pools but also have hands-on experience with taking the necessary steps and caution to maintain the pool equipment. Additionally, we use high-grade materials and equipment for the pool, including safety devices for the longevity of the pool and the protection of the pool’s users.

    So, if you are looking for the best swimming pool contractor, KABCO is the top choice among swimming pool contractors in Dubai. Our dedication and hard work in creating magical spaces for you that are like an escape from the stresses of daily life for homeowners while serving as a captivating sight for guests at your commercial space. Whatever design or vision you have in mind, our expert swimming pool contractors have the means and talent to create it!

    Reach out to us if you want to construct the pool of your dreams with the latest and the most fascinating designs, that attract visitors, whether it is for a homeowner or a business owner. Our skilled team of pool contractors are at your service all year round, catering to your requirements, availability and timeline for the swimming pool project at hand.

    Why KABCO is The Best Among The Swimming Pool Contractors In Dubai?

    We are an MEP-certified contracting swimming pool construction & landscaping company in Dubai, offering a diverse range of swimming pool services that include top-quality contractors, HVAC, plumbing, disinfection, electrical, and other technical services. Whether you are looking to build a residential swimming pool for your house or within a commercial area, our team of professional and experienced contractors is at your service.

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    Hire Professional Pool Contractors

    When it comes to choosing a swimming pool maintenance company in dubai, expertise is non-negotiable. Look for contractors with a proven track record in pool design and construction. KABCO recommends opting for contractors with a portfolio that showcases a diverse range of pool styles, from contemporary infinity pools to traditional geometric designs.


    Finding the right swimming pool contractor in Dubai can be a difficult task. You need someone who matches your vision and can create your dream swimming pool space. From contemporary designs to traditional pool designs and architecture, only the best swimming pool company in Dubai and an ideal pool contractor will make the best use of your space and bring it to life!

    Experience and Expertise

    Choose a swimming pool contracting company that has experience with creating swimming pool spaces for different clients.

    Certified Contractor

    Choose a professional contractor who is certified and has a decent reputation in the industry. Kabco Group aims to provide reliable services to its customers.

    Affordable Rates

    Choose a pool contractor who can fit your budget for the swimming pool. Kabco Group ensures that you get finest services at cheap rates.


    Are you building a new swimming pool? Looking for a registered pool contractor to complete a quality pool construction? Look no further!

    The Need For a Professional Swimming Pool Contractor In Dubai

    In a city where every aspect of life is a testament to luxury and grandeur, choosing the right swimming pool contractor is a decision not to be taken lightly. From innovative designs that redefine the skyline to a commitment to safety and craftsmanship, the ideal contractor should embody excellence in every aspect of pool construction. Trust your aquatic dreams to a contractor that understands the unique demands of Dubai’s lifestyle and can turn your backyard into an oasis in the desert.

    Best swimming pool company in dubai
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    Benefits of swimming pool contractor in Dubai

    Top Swimming Pool Contractors in Dubai

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    swimming pool company in dubai


    Best Swimming Pool Company in Dubai


    pool construction landscaping in Dubai


    pool construction landscaping in Dubai


    pool construction landscaping in Dubai


    pool construction landscaping in Dubai


    pool construction landscaping in Dubai


    Frequently asked questions

    If you are searching for the best swimming pool contractors in Dubai and landscape experts, choose KABCO Group for all indoor and outdoor services in Dubai. With more than 8 years of experience and certified experts, we carry out all services with quality and top safety standards. Contact us today to get a free consultation and a quote.

    We offer an extensive range of services from landscaping services, gardening services, villa renovation in Dubai, villa extension in Dubai, interior designing in Dubai, and a variety of swimming pool services.

    We are a trusted and certified company that provides number 1 services for swimming pool construction & landscaping in Dubai.

    We offer swimming pool construction, design consultation, swimming pool maintenance and cleaning, swimming pool restoration and renovation services in Dubai and across UAE.


    Abdullah Bin Zaid

    “We hired KABCO’s swimming pool construction and landscaping services. And I must say that I was impressed with the quality and the designs. It complements our space really well!”

    Muhammad Haris

    “I am really satisfied with the team at KABCO. The whole process of their interior designing services was smooth and of top quality.”


    “The landscaping and gardening services were carried out by experienced individuals who provided us with a complete design plan, which completely matched our vision!”

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