Whether you came back from a vacation or you are finally taking care of your unused pool. It’s time to bring your pool back to life! We have rounded up a list of the basic and yet essential swimming pool cleaning tips to try at home for your 6-month or even older swimming pool.


Get rid of the debris and dirt

Debris, dust and dirt that may be collected on the top of the pool should be the first step in the cleaning process of your pool. Try to get as much debris out as you can. If there is old pool water residing in there, it may be hard to get all out of it. Nevertheless, clean out as much as possible so your filter system gets cleared out.

Drain the pool water

Next up is taking care of the pool water. If your pool has old water, that has been sitting there for months, then drain all of it out so you can have a clear image of the bottom of the pool.

Clean the filter system

There may be chances of a clogged filtration system, especially if you have let the pool water sit for long. This can also be caused by the dust and debris. Begin by removing any buildup that is inside the filtration system. This part may require you to backwash or clean the filter multiple times, depending on how clogged it may be.

 Check the pool equipment

Your pool equipment may be outdated and needs to be replaced. Depending upon how long it has been unused or by assessing its condition, check for your pool equipment such as the filter, pump, heater or sanitizer.

Scrub the pool walls and bottom

Swimming Pool Maintenance Company in Dubai | KABCO Group

Next, take a pool brush and scrub clean the walls and the bottom of the pool. There may be any remaining algae or other things on the wall and the bottom of the pool that need to be cleaned before adding clean water and chemicals.

Get it professionally inspected

If you still feel like your pool isn’t entirely clean or if you cannot do any of the steps above, then you can get it professionally cleaned. Swimming pool maintenance company in Dubai such as KABCO provide a wide range of services such as swimming pool cleaning services and its maintenance. This is because they can better tell you if there are major issues with your pool, its equipment and any leaks.

Fill up and test the pool water

Lastly, fill up your pool with clean water and add chemicals to test the water – it is best to let a professional pool company do this job especially if you are a beginner. Once the water is safe for use, take a dip and enjoy the water!


Swimming Pool Maintenance Company in Dubai | KABCO Group

  • Pool brush
  • Tile soap
  • Telescopic pole
  • Pool vacuum cleaner
  • Garden hose with high-pressure nozzle
  • Leaf net
  • Water testing equipment (strips and kits)
  • Buckets for chemicals
  • Chlorine tablets and any other chemicals recommended by professionals


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