The summer season requires regular garden maintenance – whether you are tending to your existing garden or planning to create a new one in the warm season.

Regardless of whether you are doing the gardening yourself or hiring the services of a professional gardening contractor in Dubai, read below for the most effective tips for maintaining your garden in the summer season!


Remove Weeds Frequently

Many kinds of weeds grow quickly in extreme heat conditions which can lead to them covering your garden space. These are harmful to your plants as they steal the moisture from the soils and essential nutrients. Therefore, it is advised to remove them quickly, especially when they are small in size as they are easier to get rid of and this minimizes the damage.

Watering Your Garden

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The best time of the day to water your plants is in the morning. This is because it is cool and during the warm months, your plants must be watered regularly. Typically, plants in the garden are recommended an average of 1 inch of water per week.

Improve Your Soil Quality

Extreme heat conditions can ruin the quality of your soil. Hence, it is best to use organic matter or any form of soil enhancer or compost to improve the soil quality. This is helpful in retaining the soil’s moisture and water while it also helps to transfer the nutrients from the soil to your plants.

Spread Mulch Over the Soil

Spreading a thick layer of mulch all over your soil helps to create a barrier above it. This helps to protect the soil from the harsh rays of the sun. Mulch can be made from shredded wood, pine straw, a mix of grass clippings and shredded leaves. It improves the structure and provides nutrients as it decomposes into the soil.

Vibrant Plants and Flowers

As the summer season begins, you need to take care of your garden by removing the previous season’s flowers and planting them with warm weather-friendly varieties such as sunflowers, hibiscus, coneflowers, cosmos, dahlias, salvia etc. These heat-tolerant plants grow rapidly in warm temperatures and bloom your garden in full swing.

Create A Summer Fruit And Vegetable Garden

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Plant summer-friendly produce such as— green beans, peaches, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, cucumbers, watermelon and squash. This way you can get the best out of your garden till the temperatures drop!

Pro tip: Rooftops that have garden absorb heat well, thereby insulating properties.

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