Whether you are planning for a villa extension or villa renovation, it requires detailed planning of everything from the materials to be used, to the size and the layout of the house. In this blog, we will discuss the differences, how to choose and where can you find the best services for villa renovation and villa extension in Dubai.


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An extension of a villa is done to extend or create a new room or space in the existing property. Mostly, it is done to expand the property to accommodate new or growing family members, instead of moving to a new place. If you have space or a backyard that is not in use, then an extension might be a smart choice to go with.

On the other hand, villa renovation refers to redecorating or remodeling the existing space/property. One of the main reasons behind renovation would be for the maintenance of the property and living such as repainting the walls adding new ceilings or replacing old and outdated furniture and to increase the value of the property.

A villa extension is typically more costly than a simple renovation. If you are extending it upwards or on a sloped area, then it might be more expensive.

Another difference between the two is that a villa renovation not only enhances the property’s value but it is also relatively cheaper than an extension. however, it depends on what type and how much renovation you are planning on doing.


If you do not want the process to be too heavy on your pocket, then choosing to go with a renovation is a smart idea. However, compared to purchasing and shifting to a new property, extending your villa is a cheaper option and serves the same purpose. It also provides a homeowner with the benefit of enhancing their villa, with not much effort to change and adjust to a new place.

Choose a reliable and experienced villa extension and villa renovation company in Dubai that can offer you professional advice and services. As for the cost of the whole process, it ranges on different factors, including the area around your villa, the size and the layout, the location, and the cost and type of materials to be used. You can ask professional companies such as KABCO to offer you a quote based on the services that are to be offered.