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Water Features
KABCO Group brings you a fresh and innovative approach, not just for fountain design, but also to the construction and management of water features all across UAE. We offer a range of services, from initial design consultancy to a full design, build & Maintenance services. KABCO Group has especially hired a team of experienced engineers and technicians which carry an open mind towards creativity as well as keen observation towards safety. They will ensure that your water feature is in perfect working order throughout its lifecycle.
Most clients take us throughout the project from a very early point. This allows us to introduce the potential use of water into selective areas and to consider how it can and should integrate with its environment. We work closely with clients and design teams to push the boundaries to turn the imagination into reality. The amazement yet satisfaction of our clients is our achievement.
Our talented technicians do not work in panic or stress rather they enjoy on each step of the project from Exploring new ideas through sketches, scale models and full-size working mock-ups to building it up.
Once the initial concepts have been explored and refined, we focus on developing the best engineering solutions and most advance technique to do the job in most efficient and best way. We also install Automatic irrigation system that is operated by a computerized controller and has been engineered to function automatically and with minimum manual participation.