Landscaping is an essential part of your residential property– an activity that brings out the liveliness and functionality in your outdoor space. A key section of landscaping is hardscaping. In this blog, we will dive into the concept behind hardscaping, and what hardscaping services in Dubai does KABCO group provide.


Hardscaping is one of the two components of landscaping which contains elements that are not green or living in an outdoor space. These may include stones, rocks, walls, fertilizers and other non-natural additions that we will discuss below. One of the top reasons to invest in hardscaping is to enhance the look of your yard as well as make it a place that can be utilized by all family members. This way, you can improve the aesthetic look of your property as well as relax in an area while spending more time outdoors!


Read below for some popular hardscaping features that you can add to your backyard or open space!

Stone pathways

These not only add a great look to your landscape area but are ideal for crossing or taking a walk in the area, as well as adding some edges or borders to the grass or plants. Some popular choices of stone walkways include limestone, sandstone, granite, or slate. You can get these made in your choice of colors with regular or irregular shapes and sizes!


Probably one of the most flattering hardscaping features that you can install in your backyard. A patio is a fully functional space where we can help you add suitable furniture so that you can spend quality time outside; you can get creative and add other features that will complement your space. Whether it is for hosting outdoor dinners soaking the skin or just spending some family time, there is so much you can do on a patio. Or you can just simply relax in the space and read a book or finish your work!

Flag posts

This adds a unique design to your plain landscape. With a flag pole, you can decorate it by surrounding it with layers of flowers or plants. Additionally, shrubs or ornamental grass can be added close to the pole. You can also add flower beds around it, in a variety of colors to make the space look vibrant!


For a cozy evening or nighttime mood, a fire pit is an excellent hardscaping feature that you can add to your yard. A fire feature can increase the appeal of your yard. Summer nights become more enjoyable when you can spend it by the fire. With a fire pit, you can just relax outdoors or fire up that barbeque or roast marshmallows. It also helps to keep the mosquitoes away!


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Why choose KABCO’s Hardscaping services in Dubai? We use only quality materials and features that complement your space well. If you have a vision for your landscape design, then we are here to support you in bringing it to life. Our expert landscaping contractors and skilled team of architects plan your space meticulously and make your dream space!