With the summer season in full swing, landscaping installation and maintenance is a must-practice to make use of. In this blog, will focus on the landscaping installation and maintenance services provided by KABCO, why choose our services and how we carry out the process.

Landscape Installation

This process includes the installation of various designs in your gardens with premium hardscaping services such as adding stone pathways, patios, fire pits, landscape lighting, and other non-plant features. Then comes the softscaping features – the life of the landscape area which involves the plantation of flowers, flower beds, trees, plants, shrubs, and grass and installing an irrigation system.

We also provide top water feature services to elevate your space and that can be used for irrigation purposes. KABCO group ensures that a fully functional system is installed that is carefully mapped out and well-maintained and will sustainably utilize the water resources.

Landscape Maintenance

Maintenance of your landscape area is necessary to maintain its overall aesthetic look and vibrancy, whether it is for a residential property or a commercial one. This involves regular care and maintenance for basic cleaning to complex tasks. rest assured our landscape maintenance services cover all aspects of your landscape.

From pruning, shearing and removal of plants, trees, shrubs and flowers to management of the irrigation system to taking care of the seasonal [plants in your lawn, we do it all. We offer personalized maintenance services at affordable rates so that your outdoor area is in pristine condition throughout the year.


  • Unique Landscape Designs
  • Enhanced Property Value
  • Sustainable Options
  • Eco-friendly Practices
  • All Season Services
  • Proactive Solutions
  • Landscaping Experts
  • Reasonable Pricing


Our landscape process begins with a comprehensive site analysis, understanding the requirements and preferences of our client, and assessing the environmental factors and conditions. We then present you with a complete design proposal, including the landscape plan, and 3D visualizations to help you visualize the outcome. Contact us today for all-inclusive, expert landscape services!