Your swimming pool should not just transform the look of your backyard or outdoor area, but it should also be practical for use. Constructing a swimming pool requires the same amount of attention and detail as creating a central room in the house. Your dream pool space should have all the features that one should be able to use and enjoy.


  1. Pool Ladders and Handrails

Starting with a basic feature for swimming pools, pool ladders or handrails is an essential add-on for your pool especially if you have kids. These are mostly fashioned in stainless steel as this material for handrails and ladders proves to be durable and complements well with the overall look of the pool.

These add an element of safety to your pool area. Handrails should be placed at both the ends of pool, especially if there is a deep and a shallow end in your pool. Ladders provide ease and comfort to enter and exit the pool and also help to avoid any accidents, particularly with children involved.

  1. Pool Lighting

While this is an optional feature, it is definitely something that will add creativity and an attractive pop of color to your regular pool water. Pool lighting is becoming a popular trend which turns your pool into a spectacular space, at nighttime. The lighting used for the pool comes in two forms: LED lights and halogen lights. Out of the two, LED is a more energy-efficient choice and is available in a wide range of colors to choose from. You also have an option of choosing LED lights in several power ranges, depending on the size and shape of your swimming pool.

Ensure that your pool lights are aligned with the colors in your exterior space for a complete look. Pool lighting is a pleasant sight to enjoy, even if you are not making use of the swimming pool.

  1. Swim-Up Pool Bar

Searching for something unique yet a functional addition to your swimming pool? Try a swim-up bar for your pool – a space where you can enjoy snacks and drinks with your family and friends, without having to leave the pool!

The pool bar area supports a counter or a table with stools, that are immersed in the bottom of the pool. Here you can sit easily with others and keep your food items, without getting them wet.

  1. Pool Waterfall

Another exclusive idea for your swimming pool – for an aesthetically pleasing backyard that transforms your space into your personal nature haven. A waterfall in a pool can add soothing sounds which can help you have a therapeutic experience outdoors. You can ask your swimming pool contractor to help you utilize any wastage of water.