One of the most healthy and fun activities that you can do as a family is swimming. It is a great way to bond as a family while spending quality time and teaching your kids a very important life skill. If you own a swimming pool and have young children, then it is best to childproof it first.  Find below the most effective tips for childproofing and for the ultimate swimming pool maintenance company dubai.

Fix a strong, safety fence around your pool area

While you can ring your toddler or kids to the pool, you need to ensure that they do not enter it unsupervised. For maximum safety, installing a fence around the area is the best choice to prevent any accidents from taking place. A fence should have all four sides covering the pool, a minimum of 4 feet in height Be a minimum of 4 feet high with no gaps wider than 4 inches.

Add a pool cover when not in use

A pool cover adds an extra layer of protection. This firm, motorized cover can be purchased from pool companies. However, you need to assure that the pool cover is maintained and covers the whole pool area perfectly. Do not let the eater collect above the cover and keep the control device away from children.

Install an alarm for your pool space

Installing an alarm system for your pool not only alerts you if your kids are entering the pool area but also benefits in identifying any unauthorized individual; from entering your outdoor pool area. You can find pool alarm systems from several pool companies that are designed specifically to monitor your pool area or any suspicious activity in the water.

Consider the water depth of a new swimming pool

If you are building a new swimming pool and have children at home, then it is best to choose a pool design that ensures that the depth of the pool is taken into account with the ages of the children present at home. You can choose a small height of the pool or plan in such a way that a part of your pool has one deeper side and the other one has a shallow end – it is marked safe for children to swim in.

Safe installation of the pool

If you are constructing a new pool area, then it is best to choose safe and quality equipment that serves well for the regular use of the swimming pool which is completely secure for toddlers and kids of all ages. It is best to hire professional services from Best swimming pool contractor dubai such as KABCO who are certified and provide top-quality services with no compromise on the safety of the installation process of the swimming pool.