If you are building a swimming pool in Dubai, then we are here to help you with the process by sharing the most effective swimming pool construction and maintenance


The design of the pool is the primary and essential step in creating a swimming pool for residential or commercial space.  There are different designs and layouts available from a classic rectangle pool, to a geometrically designed pool to an infinite luxury design pool, you can choose the design that you want or decide according to the area available and the type of design that would complement it well.

Choosing the right material means no compromise on the quality and safety of the swimming pool construction. Choosing professional swimming pool construction companies such as KABCO who are certified pool contractors ensures that the materials and the equipment used in the process are of top quality and in compliance with the safety standards.

You need to be meticulous when selecting the furniture for an outdoor place and the material to be used for any additional features. Living in Dubai means that your outdoor space and oasis will undergo different weather conditions. Choose furniture and material that is long-lasting – such as the fabric for cushions or seating that is weatherproof. You can also keep curtains or rain shades to cover any furniture or decoration pieces, in case of rain or a sandstorm!

Most importantly, if you have a budget in mind, select a pool contracting company that can fit your budget. Someone who can provide quality services at reasonable prices.


Your swimming pool needs to be maintained regularly for its longevity and safe use. Adopting some techniques at home can save your pool. Or you can always trust reliable pool companies such as KABCO to do complete cleaning and maintenance of your pool. From brushing/skimming the swimming pool to chemical treatments and maintaining water health, we perform all sorts of tasks to restore or maintain your pool.

KABCO is the top choice for swimming pool construction and maintenance services in Dubai. Our diverse range of pool services are carried out by our skilled staff and use of hi-tech equipment. We ensure that all safety and professional standards are met while making sure that our clients’ requirements are fulfilled. Whether you want a basic pool or a luxury pool, residential or commercial pool, we have got you covered!