The sun is up and shining bright! This means the summer season is officially here and so is the season of diving into the pool and swimming the day away. While having a swimming pool is a great blessing for such a season. For homeowners, a swimming pool is definitely an investment and adds value to their property as well as the many benefits it offers. However, as a pool owner, you need to take care and have its maintenance done regularly.


Here are the most effective tips to maintain your pool effectively, this summer season, especially if you are living in Dubai!

1. Vacuum And Skim Your Pool

One of the basic cleaning and maintenance of the pool starts with vacuuming and skimming the pool. Dust and debris fall easily on the pool and can start collecting on the bottom of the pool, especially if there is no regular cleaning done. This can cause infections and attract insects, bugs as well as algae buildup. Hence, with a pool vacuum or skimmer, you can get rid of such harmful particles and ensure that the water is clean and safe for use.

2. Maintain The pH Level Of The Water

The pH level of the pool water should be close to the optimal level which is between 7.2 and 7.6. If it is too high or too low, it can cause it to be too acidic or alkaline which has some skin issues. You can check the pH level at home with some chemical test strips or avail of the services of a professional swimming company.

3. Clean The Pool Filter

Cleaning the pool filter is a must thing to do, this can affect the water circulation and even the water chemistry. If a pool filter is not clean or clogged, then the pool water color can turn green and cloudy. Hence, its regular cleaning is essential. You need to know what type of filter you have there are various kinds of pool filters and they have different cleaning processes. Additionally, cleaning your pool filter may also depend on how much you use the pool.

4. Make A Pool Cleaning And Maintenance Schedule

For a complete swimming pool maintenance solution, you can create your own swimming maintenance schedule. This will ensure that regular swimming pool cleaning and maintenance are done; you can add the days and the work. This can also come in handy if you choose to go with professional cleaning and swimming pool maintenance company – to make sure they are doing their job.


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