With the summer season in full swing, there is no better feeling than spending a day in the swimming pool with your family members or friends, to beat the heat! If you have a swimming pool in your house or any other area in Dubai, chances are that you may need more pool care and maintenance living in Dubai than you think!

From filtering your water perfectly to keeping the right balance of the water chemistry, we have rounded up a list containing tips for the ultimate guide to pool care and maintenance so that you do not have to worry about your pool looking great!


This is the initial step in maintaining your pool- making sure that the water in the swimming pool is clean and it is circulating properly. Pool circulation is essential because if your water is not moving, then this means that the pump isn’t working, or there is an issue with the water filter. If this is the case, then it can really add to your burdens and the whole cleaning process. Unclean, still water leads to bacteria and algae growth and we do not want that!


Following the first cleaning step of the swimming pool, scrubbing the pool walls with a brush should be done once a day especially if the pool is being used often. This will prevent any dirt or algae to stick to the walls of the pool, making the water dirty. Do not forget to also clean other areas like the steps of the pool and the ladder!

In the summer season especially with the humidity and storms, it is common for objects such as leaves, debris, dust or even insects to fall on the surface of the pool. You can skim through the water surface with a net or a brush. The debris or other particles may also collect at the bottom of the pool so make sure you check for that!

Lastly, top it off with vacuuming your pool which also helps in getting rid of anything that may be left. Here you can use a vacuum house or a head. Doing these things can improve the circulation of the water and really clean your pool!


It is recommended that you should test your water at least once a week. While this may seem like a tiresome thing to do, you can buy simple, use it at home test kits or test strips for your pool. These can help determine the water health and let you know if tell there is a need for any pool chemicals which ensure the right water balance. You can find these kits and strips at pool supply stores or retailers. While doing so you should keep in mind some things:

  • The ideal pH level of the water should be in between 7.0 to 7.6.
  • Use of chlorine in form of tablets, sticks or granules. Chlorine in water removes any harmful bacteria and cleanses your pool water. However, chlorine levels in the water should be kept stable.
  • Calcium hardness levels are to be maintained. If it is too low, it can damage your swimming pools plaster finish or vinyl liner. In case of high calcium hardness, you may have to spend your time cleaning any calcium deposits. The ideal calcium hardness should be around 200 – 400 ppm.


You may need to do this every week or two or after a storm or during an intense heatwave. But first let’s talk about what shocking treatment is. A shocking treatment for your pool means that you sanitise the water, mostly with chlorine in excess to thoroughly kill any bacteria, remove any algae or other dirt present. This is done at night time, as the sunlight may affect the performance of the treatment. It ensures that the water is safe for use and comfortable.

Make your pool look fabulous with these tips for extensive pool care and maintenance. For professional services for swimming pool cleaning, you can always choose a reliable and quality-ensured swimming pool maintenance company in Dubai such as KABCO!

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