How To Maintain Your Blue Haven: Effective Pool Maintenance Tips

Are you planning to create a classic or modern swimming pool space in your residential or commercial property? Then choose KABCO as the leading swimming pool installation and maintenance company in Dubai! We provide swimming pool installation, maintenance, and cleaning services for all types of pools based in Dubai.

However, if you already own a swimming pool, then read below for the most effective pool maintenance tips that guarantee quality and relaxing time with your family or friends!

1. Cleaning your pool regularly

This goes without saying that, cleaning your swimming pool is the first and the most significant step to maintaining its longevity. Whether you are regularly using it or once in a few months, you still need to clean it. It is also recommended to avoid any major pool problems from occurring after a certain period. Believe it or not, it will make your life easier as a pool owner once you get the hang of it! You can detect any alarming issues at an early stage when they are fixable.

The essentials of cleaning your pool include brushing/skimming the walls and the floors of the pool – this is done to prevent any buildup such as algae from growing in the space. You can buy a pool vacuum to make things easy. Moreover, backwash your pool filter regularly for active cleaning!

2. Use and maintain your water pump and filter effectively

Swimming pools have a circulation system that is supported by a water filter. The water pump should be regularly turned on when the pool is being used and for a short while when not in use. Additionally, cleaning the pool filter regularly helps from clogging and eroding the whole circulation system. This tip along with the above-mentioned one works wonders for a clean and functional pool!

3. Keep your water balanced and healthy

This is also an important part of maintaining the overall health of our swimming pool – keeping the chemicals in the water balanced. This involves balancing the water chemistry of your pool to ensure that it is safe and hygienic for use.

For effective cleaning at home, you can use a sanitizer in the form of chlorine tablets or granules to keep the water clean and safe. For more complex services, you can hire a professional pool maintenance company in Dubai such as KABCO who can offer a wide range of pool services for you. These include shock treatments for your pool, maintaining the ideal pH health of your water, carefully adjusting the calcium hardness of the swimming pool, and stabilizing the levels of chlorine especially if exposed to sunlight.