As the leading swimming pool construction and maintenance company in Dubai, we believe that a swimming pool is much more than just a water body: it is a place to relax, to spend quality time with family and friends, a haven from the hot, summer season and an attractive feature to your space!

If you’re searching for a company who deals with swimming pool cleaning services or swimming pool maintenance in Dubai, then read more below about us!


At KABCO, we cater to all type of clients and their unique needs. Which is why we also offer an extensive range of post swimming pool construction, maintenance and repair services so that your pool is well-maintained in all seasons, all year round.

More specifically, the hot, humid season can really take a toll on the overall health of your pool – leading to its regular maintenance and cleaning.

However, you may need the help of a professional cleaning company which is why we are here to assist you!

To make sure that the water is safe for use, our team examines the health of your pool and then decides upon what sort of treatment is required aside from the general cleaning of a pool.

From routine cleaning and chemical balancing to equipment repairs and upgrades, we provide all kinds of swimming pool cleaning services. Read below some of the typical pool cleaning and maintenance offered at KABCO.

  • Cleaning, skimming, brushing of the swimming pool.
  • Testing the water health of the pool.
  • Chemical treatments and shocking treatment for the pool.
  • Repairing services and upgraded, advanced equipment.


Here is a list of reasons why you should trust us:

  • Our expert team of engineers and architects can construct all sorts of swimming pool designs, in different shapes and sizes.
  • We build swimming pools and provide maintenance services for both residential and commercial properties.
  • Our skilled staff keeps you updated throughout the whole process; making sure nothing is missed.
  • We are the leading swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services provider.
  • Our team provides the best tips and services for longevity of your pool, throughout all seasons.

If you are based in Dubai and looking to hire quality and reliable swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services, then you are at the right destination!

We also other swimming pool related services that you can avail.


  • Swimming pool construction services
  • Landscaping services
  • Installation of different water features
  • Gardening services
  • Soft scaping and hardscaping services

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