Landscaping services are much more than just planting bushes or trees and cleaning the lawns. It includes a range of services that reliable and experienced landscaping companies such as KABCO Group offers.

Our aim is to deliver cost effective services with dedication to quality and timeliness of our work for our esteemed clients! Why should you choose us? Find that below!


Our Diverse Experience and Expertise

KABCO Group has over 7 years of experience of landscaping, pool construction & maintenance services. Our group that started from two people has risen to wide number of intellectual and active-minded people with top industry experts of their respective fields.

Apart from that, we take utmost pride to have been trusted by many international companies with notable reputation who have chosen us for our services. We have carried out several prestigious projects in different domains, such as Commercial & Residential projects across UAE by our skilled team of professionals.

Quality Services Assured

KABCO Group is committed in providing top highest quality services, whether they include landscaping services or others. We offer attractive packages for all your needs. Safety is our second priority after ensuring quality services; we take all the necessary precautionary measures that are needed. So that you do not have to worry about anything!

Affordable Pricing

KABCO Group offers fair and reasonable pricing packages according to our client’s requirements. Our efficient and skilled team assess the best possible solutions and work in time to deliver you quality services. We make sure that the best and most cost-effective packages are presented to our clients, also reducing the number of workers on the site.

As the best landscaping services company in Dubai, our team of experts work smartly and quickly, making sure there are no mistakes. We design and build beautiful landscaping services that you deserve!

Now let us talk about the range of landscaping services that you can avail from KABCO Group.


We offer all the necessary gardening services that you need for a well-presented and attractive lawn. This not only elevates your mood but also leaves a good impression whenever someone visits your place. You can choose us for landscaping services in Dubai as we can cover all these things for you! Find out more of our services below:


These consist of all the non-plant features in your landscaping. We offer hardscaping services such as:

  • Stone pathways
  • Flag posts
  • Concrete walls
  • Seeding
  • Fertilizers


These consist of tasks such as plantation, grass, and vegetation etc. We offer soft scaping services such as:

  • Tree, shrub, and herb plantation
  • Seeding
  • Development of roof gardens and balconies
  • Establishing poolside plantations
  • Irrigation


KABCO offers the construction and placement of water features in your space if you are looking to level it up. You can consult with us as to which water feature will look good and is a suitable option. From then on, just leave it to us to create your vision into reality!

We offer sustainable landscaping service so that you can make use of eco-friendly water features. You can also check whether you can use the water feature for irrigation purposes.


We offer professional plumbing services so that you have no issues with your landscaping features in your private or commercial area. Read below in detail the range of plumbing services that you can avail in Dubai:

  • Installation of pipelines
  • Repair of leakages
  • Installation of irrigation systems
  • Installation of sewerage system
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Waterline installation
  • Water heater installation and maintenance

 Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Services:

KABCO has a diverse and long list of clients for whom we have provided HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) services to in UAE. Our team of skilled workers can easily accomplish the following tasks below:

  • Supply and Installation of car park ventilation system along with fans, dampers, and smoke detecting sensors.
  • Supply & Installation of the complete chilled water system including chillers, piping systems inside the buildings and pump rooms, pumps, control systems, heat exchangers, and pressurization units.
  • Supply & Installation of Fan Coil Units along with all ducting works, piping assembly, connections, and control systems.
  • Supply and installation of smoke and staircase pressurization systems.
  • Testing and maintenance for all HVAC systems of the building
  • Supply and installation of vapor barriers.
  • Fixing Air conditioner leakage
  • Supply and installation of Grills and diffusers.

Are you looking for any of the above landscaping services in Dubai? Just trust KABCO and contact us today to transform your space or to ease your tasks! Whether it is a commercial area or your residential space, we have a team of experts and high quality and advanced resources & equipment to do so.

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