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    Swimming Pool Construction & Repair

Swimming Pool Construction

After finalizing the design and the layout of the swimming pool as per our client’s needs, our skilled team of engineers and architects work together to create a masterpiece of your space. From the start to the end, we ensure that everything is streamlined and carried out with the utmost priority.

Invest in your space with a quality pool

KABCO Group promises to deliver an efficient and effective swimming pool construction process so that you do not have to worry. We make sure that our client’s specific requirements are fulfilled so that they can have a space exactly the way that they have dreamed of!

With the use of high-quality materials and advanced equipment, we follow top safety and quality standards. Be rest assured that KABCO will deliver the best results for your swimming pool requirements!


Swimming Pool Repair

If you are looking for swimming pool repair services in Dubai, then you are at the right place! We offer exceptional swimming pool repair services that are carried out by our team of experienced workers who have been working for years bringing swimming pool areas back to life.

Whatever the issue you may be facing with your swimming pool, be it cracks in your pool tiles or technical failures with your pool equipment, we have the resources to fix it for you! We replace your old or out-of-order pool equipment with top-quality, latest equipment at a reasonable price!

Expert Swimming Pool Construction and Repair Services

Give your pool area a stunning makeover with our reliable construction and repair services.

Pool tiles and light repairs

Pool leakage repairs

Pool heating upgrades and repairs

Pool plumbing and pump repairs


Are you building a new swimming pool? Looking for a registered pool builder to complete a quality pool renovation? Look no further!

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