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Remodeling Your Pools Before Summer

As the summer season is approaching, it’s time to check all our swimming gear is in place and reopen our swimming pools. Perhaps when you were taking a stroll in the backyard, the pool was not a pleasant sight at all. I guess before the summer arrives and you plan your first pool party, you must consider some remodeling of our swimming pools.

In this regard, you need to take into consideration the following factors;


A swimming pool needs to be a place where you can relax and enjoy a good sight. You can hire a best swimming pool company in Dubai to beautify the landscape of your pool.

What’s more? Pools can be designed in two forms;

  • Overflow pools
  • Skimmer pools.

To accomplish this purpose well, a professional team can help you choose what suits best to your property.

Go Green:

Give your pool a fresh look by adding some greenery. Lush green plants will make it a perfect view for the eyes. You can add indoor plants for indoor pools as well.


It’s time to refill your pool after a long time. Firstly, we need to clean the underlying tiles. Next, it is important to check the pool equipment whether it is working properly or not.

You can hire a swimming pool company to come and see if all your pumps and filters are good to go. In case they are damaged and need any repair or replacement the professional swimming pool company will do it for you. Once all your equipment is fine, the water needs checking for perfect temperature and a neutral pH. Notably, your water should not be more acidic or alkaline.


One fine and fun-filled idea to décor your swimming pool is to put those little LED lights everywhere. Why not beautify your pool with them for your evening poolside Bar B Qs?

Safe Swimming:

It is important to check that the water in your swimming pool is filled up to a safe level. The next step is disinfection. The swimming pool company will add chlorine to kill any bacteria or virus present in the water. They will also sanitize the water.

Moreover, the will spray your pool water with algaecides to prevent toxic algae growth in water.

Modern Equipment:

Without any doubt, swimming pool technology has modernized over time. It has become more energy efficient now. You can replace your old copper winding motor with a new magnetic motor which causes less friction and runs longer.

Furthermore, your old cast iron pumps are replaceable by the latest hard plastic pumps.


When you are planning to reopen your pool, you will need a swimming pool company for its maintenance.

Adding more to this, maintenance work involves

  • Thorough cleaning
  • Disinfecting
  • Repair and replacement of damaged or faulty equipment.

Hunting For An Up-To-The-Minute Swimming Pool Company?

We at KABCO are available around the year for the maintenance of your pool. Our annual maintenance plan covers pool checks around the year so that your pool equipment stays in good health.

We have a team of skilled and experienced staff who will help you in designing and remodeling your pool area. Moreover, we train our staff about modern technology and equip them with the latest tools so that we can keep your swimming pool up to date.