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Dubai is all about enjoying the sun. So, nothing quite beats having a pool that not only beautifies the landscape but also serves as a relaxing retreat. The hot weather only makes swimming pools more desirable. But for those looking for a truly private experience, what’s better than having your own swimming space?

There’s no doubt that a swimming pool is a major investment. So, if you are planning a swimming pool for your home or property, here’s a beginner’s guide to swimming pool construction and maintenance.

Swimming Pool Construction and Maintenance:

When it comes to building a swimming pool, it isn’t as simple as digging a hole and putting the water in it. Rather it’s all about finding a pool design that suits your space and budget constraints. Moreover, every pool comes with regular upkeep and maintenance responsibilities. If properly constructed and maintained, your pool can prove to be a valuable asset.

Following are some important aspects about swimming pool construction and maintenance that you should take into consideration.


You must be clear about the purpose of building a pool. Whether it is for relaxation, sports, entertainment, enhance property value and aesthetics, or a combination. All these aspects play an important role in swimming pool construction.


It is extremely important to have a realistic estimate beforehand on the pool you want so that you can secure the required budget for it. You can talk with a professional swimming pool company about the costs of adding a pool to your property.


Swimming pools come in a range of types. They include

  • In-ground or above
  • Overflow or skimmer
  • Concrete or fiberglass composite
  • Painted or tiled
  • Infinity edge or lap pool, etc.

In addition to this, you need to beautify the landscape of your pool as well. A professional team can help you choose what suits best to your property.

Zoning Restrictions:

Different areas have different laws and restrictions regarding building a swimming pool on your property. Make sure your pool design is abiding by zoning restrictions for pools.

Choosing The Right Construction Company:

Once you’re done with choosing the type of your pool and estimating your budget, now you can begin to talk with contractors. This is for finding the right company to suit your budget.

Do thorough research and get quotes from different companies in the area to compare prices. Besides, ask for referrals from people you know who own pools. Make sure to go for a certificated swimming pool construction and maintenance company that offers quality services. Notably, building a swimming pool is one of the biggest investments you would make in your lifetime. So, hire a reliable swimming pool construction and maintenance company in Dubai that you can trust.


Your investment in building a pool doesn’t end with its construction. You need to keep it clean and ensure that it’s properly maintained. A poorly kept pool won’t be an attractive place to swim and can pose severe health threats for you and your family.

Thorough cleaning, testing, and disinfecting water, repair, and replacement of damaged or faulty equipment are necessary for proper maintenance. It is best to let the professionals take care of these things for you.

In A Nutshell:

Planning to build a pool can be exciting, but there are a lot of things to consider. We always recommend you hire a certified and professional swimming pool maintenance company in Dubai such as KABCO to keep your pool sparkling for years to come.

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