We will find a swimming pool in almost every villa in Dubai. You spend thousands of Dirhams on your swimming pool which is a lavish dream come true. Certainly, you do not want your investment to run down the drain. That is why, you should take care of it and do timely maintenance so that you enjoy a clean swimming pool and an aesthetically pleasing view of your swimming pool landscape. Swimming pool maintenance in Dubai is not tough job when it comes When it comes to maintenance, we are one of the top swimming pool maintenance companies in Dubai. Our job is to give you a clean pool and an aesthetically pleasing landscape for your home so that whenever you come out for a swim or just to relax yourself, you should consider yourself in heaven. Let us list down a routine swimming pool maintenance checklist for your:


When you have a swimming pool in your villa, you should definitely have a skimming basket. That will help you to remove all the debris and leaves on the surface of the swimming pool. Skimming basket is the most basic thing to have when it comes to the swimming pool. Skimming basket should be clean, if it has debris collected in it, just give it a quick wash with the help of your garden hose.


Use the skimming basket to clear out the surface of the pool. Make sure that you skim out the surface in time because if any debris settles down at the bottom of the swimming pool, it will make the vacuuming difficult and problematic which we shall discuss later.


It is necessary to scrub the walls of the swimming pool because algae and other water-based impurities start to spread out if the walls are not cleaned in time. The best way is to clean the walls with the help of the brush or a good scrubber.


Vacuuming the pool is also necessary because at times, dirt, insects and, other elements of unwanted nature settle down at the bottom of the swimming. Vacuuming the swimming pool bed is the best option in this scenario.


There are markings on the pool sides which indicates and specify the level of water for the pool. Do not exceed the water level which indicates the water level line. If the water has gone down in the pool due to evaporation, fill out the pool as per the markings.


Water chemistry is a major factor when it comes to swimming pool water. There are testing its available in the market to check the chemical balance of the swimming pool water. It is very simple and an easy task. All the instructions are given with the swimming pool water testing kit. The ideal pH level of the swimming pool water is between pH 7.2 to 7.6. The alkalinity should be between 80 to 150 ppm and the calcium hardness should remain between 175 to 275 ppm.


The routine swimming pool maintenance in Dubai includes the check up of chlorine levels. The level of chlorine should be between 1 to 3 ppm. Also test the chlorine level routinely. Use chlorine as per the instructions, do not exceed the chlorine levels in your swimming pool at all.


Shocking the swimming pool means using excess chemicals to destroy the bacteria and other harmful objects in the water. This can be done every week, once in two weeks or once every month. Since a healthy pool with keep our skin healthy, so it is very important to keep the water clean and free of harmful things. It is advisable to shock the pool after a pool party, or excessive use of the swimming pool.


It is also an important chemical when it comes to owning a swimming pool. Algaecide helps in preventing the swimming pool against the algae which may start appearing if the chemical balance in the pool goes below a certain level. It is best to use it at least once every fifteen days and the best would be to use it once every week. Make sure that the chlorine level is 1 to 3 ppm, otherwise, the algaecide may cancel out by the effect of excessive chlorine in the swimming pool water.


Check out the filter of your swimming pool. Clean it out as per the instructions. You can always backwash the filter to clean it out.


You should always keep the deck clean so that any dirt, debris should not enter into the pool when people jump into the pool. The main ways of cleaning out the deck is using a power washer or you can just simply sweep it out.

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