With the summer season just up ahead, you may need swimming pool cleaning services for its safe and functional use. We have compiled the top, most effective tips for pool cleaning that you need to incorporate into your pool routine!

Clean the Pool Filter

Cleaning of the pool filter depends on how much the pool Is used. nevertheless, the filter needs to be clean to function properly. This means clearing out any dust or particles that may be trapped inside the filter. Remember to turn off the pump system when cleaning it!

Vacuum the Pool

If you are using your pool regularly or even occasionally, vacuum your pool as it helps to get rid of any dust or debris that may be lying on top of the water or at the bottom of the pool. Take your time to clean the pool area properly so nothing is missed!

Skim the Pool Surface

This involves cleaning the surface of the pool to make sure that any debris, leaves, sand, etc. is not floating on top of the pool water. It is best to skim your pool surface as much as you can especially if you are living in Dubai.

Brushing the Pool Tiles

In order to prevent any algae buildup, brush the tiles of the pool and the bottom to ensure that the pool water is thoroughly clean and safe to use.

Professional Swimming Pool Cleaning Services

While the above-mentioned tips are the most basic and efficient ways to clean your pool and maintain its longevity, you still may need to hire the services of a professional swimming pool company in Dubai such as KABCO – who can do more complex tasks for you which is especially needed in the hot and humid months of the year.

Our pool cleaning services include maintaining the optimal level of water health, its chemistry to extend its life, and the safe use of the pool. Our expert workers are skilled in extensive pool cleaning services with years of experience.

Rest assured, KABCO can do the job for you from thorough pool cleaning services to shock treatments for your swimming pool!