Need protection from the sun as well and a place where you can sit in the future or a fancy addition to your garden? Do you want to elevate the look of your landscape area? Pergolas and gazebos are a great addition to your outdoor space, enhancing its use and adding value to your home.

Read more about them, why you should choose them and what benefits they serve as an integral part of your gardening and landscaping.


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Gazebos are typically four-sided buildings but can expand to six or eight sides that have one opening or all sides are open. The top is covered with a design that provides continuous protection against the sun and other weather conditions. Gazebos have different elements such as built-in flooring, a bench and a floor that is elevated above the ground level.

As these provide shade, they are excellent for use, especially during the morning or later at night. They have been around since early times and offer comfortable lounging options. They are a top choice for homeowners who have a spacious yard with lots of greenery.


Landscaping Company in Dubai | Kabco Group

Pergolas is a contemporary structure that signifies modern architecture. They provide a more well-groomed look and are a practical choice, as compared to gazebos. Pergolas can be connected to the house or combined into the property’s main structure.

The roof of a pergola usually supports an open horizontal framework that provides partial shade. Plants hang over the roof of the pergolas to provide more shadow.


If you are wondering which structure is more suitable for your outdoor space, a basic pergola is an inexpensive option and can be done as a DIY project by a homeowner. However, pergolas are high maintenance and if you have plants, you need to take care of them and wait for them to grow. Gazebos offer a space to sit and relax away from the indoor space, you have shade from the sun all year round – making it a perfect choice for homeowners. Adding a bench or other sitting furniture can accommodate as many as 20 people, depending on the sie of your backyard and the gazebo.

If you are looking to decorate and visually enhance your lawn, then the ornamental possibilities of a pergola are endless, with floral hangings, lighting and substitutable rooftop cover. garden pergolas, which fare well in year-round summers offer a more vibrant and colorful look to your backyard space – where you can invite family and friends.

At KABCO, our landscape and garden experts can help you make the right choice. We assess the area and make a suitable recommendation with the best materials and utilization of space – whatever your preference may be. As the best garden and landscaping company in Dubai, we provide all-year round services by professionals!