Are you making use of your swimming pool regularly and in need of its deep cleaning? While basic cleaning can be done at home such as vacuuming the pool, cleaning the surface, and brushing the floor and walls of the pool, you might need to hire the services of a professional swimming pool company in Dubai to do more complex cleaning. KABCO offers a range of pool cleaning services from regular cleaning to occasional shock treatments for your pool. We are a professional, certified company offering a range of swimming pool services including cleaning and maintenance, installation and construction, and repair and renovation services of swimming pool.


For extensive care of the pool, which is something that you need after a few weeks or months of enjoying the pool during peak season with dusty conditions or a heatwave, pool treatments can ensure optimal health of the pool against such weather conditions. Chemical treatments in swimming pools are essential in maintaining a specific standard of clean water and the overall health of the pool. The chemical treatments are not the same for all pools. It is best to seek advice from an expert or hire a professional company to do these treatments.

It is also very important for overall cleanliness and helps to extend the lifespan of your pool, especially with the regular use of the pool. It removes bacteria or algae present in the pool which is common in the hot and humid season. Shock treatments are a bit complex; they are typically done at nighttime as during a shock treatment, high levels of chlorine are added which can be unstable and the presence of sunlight can affect the whole process.


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