The need for pool maintenance in Dubai

If you are living in Dubai, it means experiencing the summer season for most of the year with extremely humid and dusty conditions. A swimming pool is a popular choice for an oasis, whether it is in a residential property or a commercial in Dubai. Everyone enjoys a fresh dip in the serene water, especially in the peak season.

 However, with its regular use, you need to do some basic pool maintenance and the occasional deep cleaning and maintenance of your swimming pool. This means that if you own a swimming pool, for the longevity and safe use of the water, it is essential that it is well-maintained.

 While you can manage basic cleaning and maintenance of the swimming pool on your own with tools such as:

  • Pool Vacuum
  • Pool Net
  • Pool Skimmer
  • Pool Brush
  • And a pair of gloves

You might need the services of a reliable and certified swimming pool maintenance company in Dubai such as KABCO. We offer top-quality and professional pool maintenance services.

Premium swimming pool maintenance services in Dubai

  • Repairing or upgrading any swimming pool parts that may need fixing.
  • Testing and adjusting the water pH of the pool.
  • Removing any algae buildup on the floor or walls of the pool.
  • Pool sanitization – adding chlorine or non-oxidizers.

Shock treatments for your pool to ensure clean and safe water.