One of the most important things you need to ensure as a pool owner is maintaining and cleaning it. A swimming pool can quickly become home to algae, insects etc., if it is neglected. This causes it to decrease its life and usage and eventually, it will cost you a heavy amount for its repair or even have to renovate the whole space.

Hence, to avoid that, it is essential for regular pool maintenance to ensure that it is functional and safe for use. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of pool maintenance, why is it important to do so and where you can find reliable swimming pool maintenance company in dubai.


  • Water balance is crucial for a good swim. This ensures that the pool water is safe, clean and has a balanced pH. This is necessary because having an unbalanced pH can lead to problems such as eye irritation where you cannot stay underwater for long. It can also cause your hair to turn green or a lighter shade if you spend too long in the pool. Similarly, it improves the water visibility in the pool.
  • It eradicates the growth of harmful algae or bacteria that can also lead to health problems such as respiratory issues or ear or eye infections.
  • If your pool equipment such as the filters and pumps are inspected timely, then fixing the minor issues can help prevent any bigger, costly issues that could surface later on.
  • Pool maintenance also helps with the pool equipment working to their best capacity thereby not wasting any energy
  • Regular pool cleaning gets rid of any dust or debris that could prove to be harmful to kids or even adults while swimming.
  • Timely pool maintenance also eliminates the need for any expensive repairs or substitutions.
  • Your pool looks visually pleasing and in its best condition with regular maintenance. This drastically increases the value of your property as well as attracts visitors.


As a residential or commercial pool owner, it is absolutely essential to maintain your pool. If you want to enjoy your swimming pool, especially in the summer season, you also need to take care of it to get the best use out of it, every single time.

Whether you use it regularly or once in a while, pool maintenance is key for its longevity and safe use. It proves to be more costly if you delay cleaning it and hold off its maintenance with time!


Different parts of your pool require different amounts of care. We keep this in mind and provide a wide range of pool maintenance services that target all of your problems and prevent any bigger or costlier repairs and fixes. Nevertheless, we also inspect for any repair or pool equipment upgrade, if needed for energy-efficient pool use. Choose KABCO as the best and most trusted pool maintenance company in Dubai.