Having a swimming pool is a great feature that makes your space look more appealing- whether it is in a residential area or a commercial one. More importantly, in the summer season, the use of swimming pools increases as there is nothing more refreshing than the feeling of taking a swim in the cool water! However, with regular use comes regular maintenance of the pool. And the hot weather can seriously add burden to the care of the pool. Just as other things, your swimming pool also needs daily care, hence we have compiled the best ways to maintain your pool. If you are living in Dubai and you need swimming pool maintenance tips, then read below.


This is essential in the hot season as there are a lot of pollutants in the air with the presence of sandstorms and dust in the area. These particles sit on the surface of the water which is why regular cleaning of the water is necessary. In addition to that, leaves and insects such as bugs and mosquitos can also fall in the pool which requires cleaning of the pool. Another important thing is that you should not forget to brush the walls and bottom of the pool as this is necessary to ensure that the water is safe and clean for use. Vacuuming your pool surfaces daily can help greatly with the process.


During hot or humid season, the water is greatly affected by the weather with changes in pH levels, chlorine levels, and overall water levels. The right pH of the water should be somewhere between 7.0 and 7.6. This is why you should test your water before every use to see if it is safe to use and feels comfortable, especially if you are inviting people over. You can test your water with home test strips or kits which are designed specifically for the water in swimming pool. Pool stores and companies have such items.


For extensive care of the pool, which is something that you need after a few weeks or months of enjoying the pool or during a heatwave, several treatments can ensure the health of the water as well as the pool. Chemical treatments in swimming pools are essential in maintaining a specific standard of clean water and overall health of the pool. The chemical treatments are not the same for all pools- it depends on the material used in the construction of the pool as well as the water in it. It is best to seek advice from an expert or hire a professional company to do these treatments.

Shock treatments are also very important for overall cleanliness and aid in extending the lifespan of your pool, especially if your pool is used more than often. It also helps to get rid of any bacteria or algae present in the pool which is common in the hot and humid season. Shock treatments are a bit complex; they are typically done at nighttime as during a shock treatment, high levels of chlorine are added which can be unstable and the presence of sunlight can affect the whole process.

While regular cleaning of the pool is something that one can manage on their own, you might find it hard to do proper maintenance and cleaning of your swimming pool. Which is why you can always hire a professional swimming pool maintenance company in Dubai, so that the right treatments and techniques are used after assessing the condition of the pool. From general pool cleaning services to shock and chemical treatments, KABCO provides all types of services for swimming pool maintenance, ensuring quality and reliability!

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