If you are someone who is thinking of adding a pool to their yard, it is important to research and be equipped to master the art of swimming pool construction company and landscaping in Dubai.

It is best to consult a company that offers swimming pool construction & landscaping in Dubai. Make sure to stay in the loop of the process. A certified swimming pool construction and landscaping company such as KABCO will guarantee the entire course of construction runs smoothly from the beginning till the end!


The design and the layout of the pool are the first steps in creating a swimming pool space. You need to select a design that complements the overall area. There are a variety of designs and layouts to use – from innovative to classic designs. The use of innovative and contemporary technologies carried out by experts does the job well.

The landscape around the pool should be taken into account for an overall attractive look and feel of your yard.


For landscaping, choosing the right features and elements is necessary to level up your space. These very features act as finishing touches to the swimming pool. Your space should have all the elements as an escape from the scorching heat of the Dubai summer season.

For a vibrant and aesthetically pleasing yard, incorporate pool landscaping ideas that will elevate your space. For example, you should ideally have a combination of hardscaping and softscaping features. By adding natural accessories such as flower beds trees, shrubs, and herb plantations, your pool will feel livelier and more colorful. Additionally, adding stone pathways, patios, firepits and concrete walls, seating areas, and appropriate lighting will allow you to fully enjoy the space as a haven.

Whether you are looking to create a state-of-the-art oasis, a kid-friendly pool, or your dream pool space for spending quality time with friends and family, hire a professional swimming pool construction and landscaping company in Dubai such as KABCO who performs quality and safe services!