Searching for the perfect water feature to add to your outdoor space? Looking for ways to accentuate your front garden or backyard landscape area?

Depending on the design and the type of water feature that would be the most suitable, add luxury water features at budget-friendly rates with KABCO Landscaping. We offer an extensive range of premium water features services in Dubai!

A place to relax, a visually calming view that adds liveliness and just the right touch of natural appeal to your outdoor space and expands your area.


For a list of practical, attractive, and functional water features that you can incorporate in your residential area, with a great deal of benefits, read below!


 A classic choice of a natural water feature, ponds are a great addition to your outdoor area. One of the great benefits of installing a pond is that it is eco-friendly – a pond can include a wide range of plants and even aquatic creatures! It is also low-maintenance and can be added to different designs and sizes.


A statement water feature, fountains can be installed in the form of standard fountains, statue fountains, wall fountains, basalt fountains, and more. It is an excellent choice to elevate your space – especially if you have a wide space. Ask your professional landscaping company in Dubai such as KABCO who can better guide you as to what type of fountain can complement your space well.


If you are looking for something unique and high-end, a stream is the perfect choice to go for. A stream is suitable for any type of outdoor space. Plants, stones, and rocks go well with the look of a stream – if you are looking for more ways to enhance your landscape. It is generally low-maintenance and provides calming noises.

Tabletop Water Features

A contemporary and innovative choice for a water feature. Tabletop water features are becoming increasingly popular due to the set of advantages they hold. They take up less space and water and are relatively easy to maintain.


  • Install lighting that complements and makes your water features stand out – specifically for nighttime.
  • Make sure that there is sufficient water in the feature.
  • If you are using a water pump for your feature, ensure it is adjusted according to the seasons, to avoid any damage.
  • For the safety of your children or pets, install appropriate water features or make sure they are not near a water feature unattended.

For more complex tasks, hire the services of a professional company such as KABCO which can do maintenance and cleaning services for you!