One of the significant areas of your house that can elevate your whole space is the garden. Your garden can tell a lot about you based on how well-maintained it is. It is one of the first things that a visitor notices and it immediately builds an impression of your property.

If you need a reliable and expert garden contractor in Dubai, then this blog is for you! At KABCO, we offer a complete range of garden services that you may require. Read below to find out!


Design and Layout of the Garden

Our team of gardening experts helps you design your dream garden space, just the way you envision it. From the design and layout of the space, we do it all. We begin the process by having a consultation with our client and assessing the garden space that is to be built from scratch or needs upgrading. Based on this, we advise a suitable design that will transform your outdoor space – keeping in mind your requirements and preferences.

Landscaping Services for Your Garden

We provide a variety of hardscaping and softscaping services. These include non-plant accessories such as stone pathways, patio installation, flag posts, concrete walls, etc., and plantation features such as roof gardens, poolside plantations, irrigation, and tree, shrub, and herb plantations.


Garden Maintenance

Your garden needs to be maintained regularly to ensure it looks attractive and healthy. You can hire professional gardening services from KABCO. Our skilled gardeners guarantee that your garden looks presentable and vibrant all year round. We provide specific gardening maintenance services that include lawn mowing, seasonal planting, hedge trimming, weed control etc.

Garden Cleaning

Living in Dubai means dusty and extreme weather conditions that can take a toll on the plants and flowers in your garden. For this, you need regular cleaning of your garden to restore it to its original best-looking state. Choose KABCO for top-notch gardening cleaning services!

What Are the Benefits of Hiring KABCO As Your Gardening Contractor in Dubai?

  • Expertise and Experience in Gardening Services
  • Customized Services for Your Unique Needs
  • Compliance with Safety and Quality Regulations
  • Innovative Designs and Technology
  • Maintenance Services
  • Quality Assurance and Safety