As a leading swimming pool company based in Dubai, KABCO Group provides top swimming pool construction and repair services in Dubai. Our skilled team of engineers and architects work together to create the pool of your dreams. However, keeping up with the advancement in technology and newer pool trends means integrating eco-friendly practices for your pool construction and repair work. Explore below some top methods that ensure a well-maintained, practical and cost-effective swimming pool.

  1. Choosing the ideal location

When installing a pool whether it is in your backyard or any other outdoor space, some points to note regarding the location include finding a location that receives sufficient sunlight. This reduces the need to warm up the pool mechanically thereby eliminating energy costs; the sunlight also reduces algae buildup.

Additionally, living in countries such as Dubai means strong winds and dust, for this, you need to ensure that the pool is somewhat covered by trees or you can build fences around the pool, especially from where the direction of the wind is.

  1. Size and shape of the pool

If you want your pool to consume less energy and water, incorporate streamlined shapes and designs for the pool as they prove to be more cost-effective and energy-efficient in terms of water and pump. As for the size of the pool, a larger pool will need more water and energy, in comparison to a smaller pool. Hence, it is best to plan the size and shape of the pool, according to the space available and the need for a swimming pool.

For example, if you are installing a pool as an aesthetic addition to your property, then a small pool is optimal. However, for a place to spend time with family and friends or to practice, you can adjust to a medium-sized pool. 

  1. Solar heating technology

 Incorporating solar heating technology is a long-term investment for your pool. It is also a means to reduce the carbon footprint of your swimming pool. This technology uses solar panels to store the sunlight and shift it into thermal energy to heat the water in a pool. This substitute renewable energy source is an ideal alternative to the traditional heaters which are used to warm the water and may typically rely on non-renewable energy sources.

  1. Using energy-efficient equipment

For the ultimate eco-friendly swimming pool practices, when building your swimming pool, ask your swimming pool contractor if they can build your pool using energy-efficient equipment while the initial costs for this equipment may be high it is cost-efficient in the long term. From reducing energy and water consumption to lowering utility bills, using environmentally friendly and innovative equipment is a modern and sustainable practice that you need to adopt for you next swimming pool project!