Dubai’s architecture has seen some major shifts in terms of transformation and modernization over the decades. With a blend of contemporary and traditional designs with diverse architectural inspiration, Dubai is surely one of the most influential and dynamic places to reside in with fine residential and commercial properties that exude grandeur and innovation.

One of the noticeable landscape features that you can see across the country is a water feature. These are found in a wide range of sizes, designs and shapes. The Dubai water fountain is one of the top tourist attractions. Water features are particularly popular in residential settings too. This is because the summer season stays most of the year and water features are a strong reflection of the Arabic heritage.

 If you are in search of companies that can design and construct assorted landscape water features for you, then keep reading below!


While there may be a lot of water feature service providers in Dubai to choose from, we believe that we can match your vision of the ideal outdoor space. KABCO has years of experience crafting excellent water features and keeping up with innovative and modern architectural trends. KABCO has a team of skilled architects who examine your place and plan accordingly which type of water feature would be the most suitable, catering to different styles for different clients.

That’s not all – we provide water features that are economical and sustainable. As a professional landscaping company, we help you assess if your water feature can be used for irrigation purposes so that there is no wastage of water!


A place to meditate and relax

Having a water feature such as a soothing waterfall or water fountain can be an ideal place to relax and unwind.

Acts as an aesthetic addition to your place

Having a water feature in your residential space can add an attractive element to your place and feel close to nature.

A feature that adds value to your property

Having a water feature that complements your space well can be a great way to increase the value of your property.

Reduces noise pollution and improves air quality of the environment

Flowing water features will cover the noises in the surrounding areas while also controlling the air quality and purifying the air.

Whatever design preference and customized water features you require, we can do the job well! Choose KABCO Landscaping for all your outdoor landscape and garden features needs!