In search of the best gardening contractor in Dubai? Read more below to find out all the important questions you need to ask before hiring a gardening contractor for the best fit!

What services do you offer?

Gardening needs may vary from place to place. This is an essential question to ask as you need to make sure that the gardening contracting company that you are hiring can do just the tasks you have at hand. We at KABCO, offer a range of gardening services including basic gardening tasks to:

  • Artificial Grass Installation

We assess the area where the artificial grass will be added. After careful planning, we take the necessary steps to install the grass, ending with some finishing touches for a completely new look!

  • Natural Lawn Grass Carpeting

A perfect choice for residential and commercial properties in Dubai. Carpet grass is ideal in moist and warm areas. However, in sunny and dry conditions, it may need regular watering.

  • Garden Landscaping

We elevate your property with complete garden landscaping services from adding the basic garden features to decorative garden landscaping.

 Are you a certified company?

While gardening does not require a lot of safety measures typically its maintenance, it is best to go with a professional gardening company that is certified. Ask the company if they are certified and if they can provide you with certificates and qualifications. A licensed contractor is a reliable option and would work professionally!

Do you have relevant experience?

This may be an obvious question to ask but it will help you if you are looking for some ideas or references to elevate your garden. Whether you are looking for something unique or mainstream gardening services, it is vital to ask the gardening contractor if they have experience with the kind of garden you are envisioning.

What are your gardening contract options?

If you are choosing a gardening contractor in Dubai, then you can ask if they provide different types of contracts. This can help you choose the best-suited gardening contract to fulfill your needs.

Do you provide an estimate of your services?

Once you have consulted and expressed the services that you require, you can ask the company if they can provide you with an estimate of the cost that is to be offered. This will help you foresee if they match your budget.

Do you provide garden maintenance services?

If you need just garden maintenance i.e. cleaning and preserving your garden, then ask beforehand if they can provide just this service and check if they can provide you with a schedule.

Do you provide a garden maintenance schedule?

For regular garden maintenance services, you can ask the company if they can provide you with a schedule for the maintenance including the number of days, services, and the cost.

What are your professional qualifications?

For the contractors that you are hiring, you need to make sure that they have the required expertise to perform their duties well. Your garden should look aesthetically pleasing and well-maintained especially if you are seeking the services of a professional gardening company.

Companies such as KABCO have qualified experts who have the experience and expertise to single-handedly carry out a diverse range of top-notch gardening services.

if you require a professional and reliable gardening contractor in Dubai, then choose KABCO. We help you by answering the right questions as a leading gardening and landscaping contracting company in Dubai.