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Sanitary Wax Fixing & Maintenance
Does your toilet commode wobble from side to side? If your toilet rocks enough that it could lift off the floor, even just a slight lift, you may have a broken toilet anchor flange also known as ‘Sanitary Wax Ring’.
As a precaution, call us right away as we offer Sanitary Wax Fixing as well as Maintenance Services, & we are open 24/7.
Our skilled technicians are packed with advance equipment and machinery, to fix any sort of problems whether its water drains/ leakage or fixing broken toilet.
We use high quality Wax Ring, strong Toilet Mounting Bolts, ceramic tiles, and materials that fix the problem for long lasting effect. Our technician works with 100% focus taking care of Water Supply Lines and water pumping pipe systems.
We offer complete Maintenance and fixing, few services are we provide are:
  • Wax Ring Replacement
  • The Closest Flange Replacement
  • Fixing Ceramic Tiles
  • Fixing Water Leakages
  • Fixing Water Drainage
  • Maintenance of toilet etc