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Disinfection of Facility
As this pandemic disease, Coronavirus is affecting globally. It’s necessary for us to take care of hygiene in this crucial time. To turn your houses and workplace into a safe and productive place we are offering Disinfection of Facility Service all over Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman.
Our Disinfection of Facility Service involves the application of a biocide product in the form of Spray. We have many other products that turn your place 99.9% germs free. They are used all over the place or specific areas recommended by you.
Not to worry about the side effects cause this treatment is food safe, non-corrosive, non-staining and safe to be used on surfaces such as soft metals, plastics and fabrics. To minimize the risk of getting effected by the virus or any pest our professional team put on a proper suit, medical gloves, mask, and safety helmets.

We provide disinfection for the following areas:

  • Disinfection for Restaurants
  • Disinfection Houses & Villas
  • Disinfection for Vehicles
  • Disinfection for Workshops
  • Disinfection for Stores & Warehouse
  • Disinfection for Offices
  • Disinfection for Residential Units
  • Disinfection for Commercial units
  • Disinfection for Industrial units