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Why My Pool Water Is Green?

Having a swimming pool at your place is awesome. Agree? You can add beauty to your parties with a pleasant swimming pool view. Apart from that, it can be a fascinating accessory/luxury for spending your leisure time.

What’s even better? The peace of mind of having safe and clean water to swim in, particularly, when it comes to your family’s safety. Nevertheless, your pool water can still get filthy leading to color changing. If so happens, it needs to be fixed timely for making swimming a safe and healthy experience for your family and friends.

Wondering why your pool’s color turned green from the blue? Well, this can be due to the following reasons;

1.    Oxidation Of The Metals:

The formation of trace metals mainly copper can happen in your pool’s water because of the following reasons;

  • Pool’s metal components
  • Cheap algaecides
  • Acidic source water

Notably, pool shock brings about oxidation of the metals that can further lead to color changing of swimming pool water i.e., from blue to green.

More importantly, a green-colored pool’s water happened due to metal oxidation can stain the swimming pool. No one would wish to have a stained pool.

The Fix

You immediately need to seek help from an expert swimming pool construction and maintenance to fix this condition.

2.    Algae Reaction:

You might have already known that one of the most frequent reasons of the color-changing of pool water is algae. Here, what you need to pay heed to is the shade of green. If the shade is lighter, it indicates a fresh algae formation.

However, you need to take quick action if the shade is a deeper green.

The Fix: Adding cleaning chemicals for instance bromine and chlorine to pool water is a helpful way of algae prevention. To do this accurately, you need the assistance of a professional swimming pool company in Dubai.

3.    Other Possible Causes:

Here are some other possible causes of green pool water;

  • Airborne pollen
  • Increased use of the pool making chlorination less effective thus leading to the green pool water.

Thinking If Green Pool Water Safe To Swim?

Bear in mind that green pool water can make swimming a safety hazard, in particular, if the green color turns/has turned deeper green. This is mainly because algae in the green pool water can clog, damage, or stain your pool. Above all, it can host E.coli which is harmful to your stomach.

For that reason, you should fix this condition as soon as possible for maximizing the safety of yourself and your loved ones.

Are You In Hunt OF An Expert Swimming Pool Company In Dubai?

At KABCO, we offer apt swimming pool maintenance services for the good of your pool. From checking pH levels to the right chlorination to proper sanitization to cleaning out harmful chemicals, we do it all for you. You name the service, we have the right equipment to provide you with that.

Just give us a call and we will be at your doorstep for help.

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