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Swimming pools gain a lot of limelight throughout the whole year, especially, in areas like Dubai. Such areas have a climate that remains moderately warm and summers last very long. Swimming pools then become a source of entertainment for all age groups. People like to arrange parties with swimming pools as a center of attention. To make the most out of your swimming pool and for its long-lastingness, it requires proper maintenance. Let’s get to know more about it here;

Swimming Pool Maintenance:

If you want to manage your pool all by yourself, we will walk you through a few essential steps. A clean and healthy pool is a must; therefore, you need to maintain it regularly. Before jumping on the steps, you should also take care of the three Cs of swimming pool maintenance that are as follows;

1.    Circulation:

This is the first step to maintaining your swimming pool. Notably, the skimmer, pumps, filters, and jets of your pool are the most important parts. If they are not working adequately, then the quality of pool functioning will drop.

2.    Cleaning:

Next comes the cleaning of the swimming pool. A clean and glistening pool requires upkeep every day, so you should always be vigilant regarding its cleaning.

3.    Chemistry:

The chemistry of a regular pool also matters a lot. A simple change can disrupt the balance almost immediately.

Now, let’s come to the point.

5  Steps To Swimming Pool Maintenance:

  1. Pool Pressure Maintenance and Pump Basket Cleaning:

Run the pump of your pool for at least 8-12 hours daily. This will significantly lower your scrubbing time. If the pressure is above 10-15 psi, you need to clean your filter or backwash. Moreover, the pump basket and the skimmer should be kept clean. If they get clogged, then the pump will have to work harder which may affect its functioning later on.

  • Direction Of Jets:

The jets should always be facing circular and downward. This will improve circulation.

  • Do Regular Brushing of These Components:

You should brush circulation spots, ladders, steps, and walls of the pool per day. You should also skim the surface every day. Furthermore, use an automatic cleaner or vacuum on a weekly basis. This will save a lot of time and remove the debris all at once.

4.    Weekly Water Testing:

You should always test the waters prior to swimming and also 1 to 2 times on a weekly basis. The pH should be around 7.5. What’s more? Calcium hardness should be 200-400 ppm. If it is too low, then the plaster finish will get damaged. The alkalinity and pH of the pool should also be balanced. The alkalinity should be 120 to 150 ppm. If it gets higher, then the water in the pool may appear cloudy.

5.    Regular Shocking:

You should also maintain the sanitizer levels. Shock twice a week or every two weeks depending upon the need. In pool terms, shocking means to overload the pool water with sanitizer so that, the bacteria would get killed.

The Takeaway:

We agree, it is not an easy job especially for those who lack experience and skill. You will need all the essential tools so in short, this job will prove both expensive and consume a lot of your time and effort. Therefore, we recommend getting professional help. Undoubtedly, Swimming pool maintenance is a tedious and complicated job that requires knowledge and experience. Expert-level skill is necessary to handle the chemicals which will turn the water to its ideal condition.

Looking For Professional Swimming Pool Maintenance Services?

These steps are a lot to manage and require immediate and regular attention. Due to this reason, many companies have started their own Swimming pool maintenance in Dubai. one of which is KABCO Group.

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