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So, you’ve made up your mind to build a swimming pool at your place and landed here for some useful tips? Well, you need to be very meticulous when taking the plunge. This is so because building a swimming pool at your home is a great task requiring the right approach for the right accomplishment of this purpose. We are going to disclose five useful tips that you need to know regarding this purpose. So, just stick to the article.   

1. Consider The Area Of Installing A Pool:

The very first thing to consider here is where you want to construct the swimming pool of your dream.

  • Outdoor Swimming Pools:

Do you have a spacious outdoor where you can also take advantage of sunlight with the least obstructions such as trees/debris of birds etc.? If yes, only then you should consider an outdoor pool construction. 

Moreover, consider these factors too;

  • Planning restrictions
  • Climate
  • Indoor Swimming Pools:

You can make the most out of indoor swimming pools if you live in an area where the climate is cooler.

  • Hybrid Swimming Pools:

Partly outdoor and partly indoor, building a hybrid swimming pool will benefit you in both ways. 

Finding it hard to decide on the area? Get help from a reliable swimming pool construction and maintenance company in town.

2. Decide On The Type Of Pool You Want:

The three most common types of swimming pools are as follows;

  1. Concrete:

Being the most durable and strongest type of pool, concrete pools are capable of adopting any shape, depth, or size you want. That’s why they are customizable and this is the best thing about them.

It will take almost 12-13 weeks to build a concrete pool.

  • Vinyl-Lined:

Comparatively having a lesser construction time, that is 1-3 weeks, you will find vinyl-lined pools mostly rectangular or L-shaped. Made up of a preformed liner, this type of pool is fragile since sharp objects, pets, or pool toys can easily destroy the liner.  

  • Fiberglass:

A crane will set this type of factory-molded swimming pool into an excavated hole. This is why they have minimal installation time. Although stain-resistant and nonporous, fiberglass pools have limited sizes and shapes. More importantly, the installation of a fiberglass pool requires a spacious area for the crane to arrive closer to the installation location.

Get the best advice from a professional swimming pool contractors in Dubai to yield maximum results.  

3. Estimate Your Budget:

The following factors need consideration when estimating your budget for building a swimming pool.

  • The place you live
  • Size and type of the pool
  • Soil condition
  • Time of the year
  • Water circulation system

Some other relevant factors here are mentioned below:

  • Fencing
  • Decking
  • Landscaping
  • Underwater lights
  • Stone coping around the edges of the pool

4. Take Into Consideration Pool Safety And Insurance:

To ensure the safety of your friends and family while they take a swim or roam around the pool, you need to arrange the following elements;

  • Safety covers
  • Pool floats and jackets
  • Advanced-tech laser technologies
  • Water alarms

As far as swimming pool insurance is concerned, different companies have different policies. Such as you will find one agent raising the premium for pool owners while the other one might not do so.

Therefore, talk to your insurance agent before building a swimming pool. 

5.    Choose A Reliable Swimming Pool Contractor In Dubai:

Most importantly, you need to rely on a professional swimming pool construction company in Dubai that will save you from that back-end hassle. Just sit back and relax while your contractor will handle all such matters for you. To choose the best swimming pool contractor, keep in mind the following factors:

  • Get referrals from friends and family
  • Get to know if your contractor has enough experience in the field
  • Ask and verify their past working history
  • See if they have all the required certification and license
  • Check if their prices are market competitive    

This is where you will find the KABCO group your true mate. Let’s pair up for your swimming pool construction and maintenance and get the best outcome. 

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