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Skimmer Pool Vs Overflow Pool

With the constant increase in heat in summers, swimming pools are gaining quite a popularity among the people. It is not only a strong source to beat the heat, but it is also a brilliant way of stress relieving and exercising.

That’s why swimming pools have no longer been a luxury bound to leisure centers. Rather, they are easily installable in your own house by professional swimming pool contractors in Dubai.

Madding more to this, there are two types of swimming pools popular among people: skimmers and overflowing pools. Both pools have different filtration systems and that makes each unique.

However, once construction of a pool starts, it is difficult to change the design. That is why one should have complete knowledge of these pools to decide which pool is more suitable for their space. These types can be differentiable in the following ways:

Skimmer Pool:

Skimmer pool is also known as a freeboard pool and has a more simple design. In addition to this, it does not ask for a lot of space. That is why it’s construction in houses is easy. Moreover, a skimmer pool is installable at an affordable price.

Working Of A Skimmer Pool:

It draws the water from a reservoir either for filling the pool or disinfecting it. Besides, the skimmer pool has a skimmer that is installed beneath the edge of the pool. Notably, the water should be filled halfway up the pool. This is so because skimmer will be able to capture the debris on the surface in this way.

What’s more? In a skimmer pool, water flows horizontally. The water is taken from the bottom for cleansing. Subsequently, the conveying of this water to the water releasing faucet takes place.

These types of pools require a lot of maintenance and could cause health problems if not regularly cleaned. Above all, you will need expert swimming pool contractors for the maintenance of such pools.

Overflow Pool:

In contrasting to skimmer pool, overflow or deck-level pools have a more complex setup. Its construction depends on space and the carefully decided budget of the customer.

It does not only give a luxurious effect but also offers more hygiene and less maintenance.

Working Of An Overflow Pool:

Instead of direct cleaning of water through a skimmer, the water drawn is first treated in a surge and then passed through a filtered pump.

Its disinfection in the pump and then conveyance to the water entry site takes place.  This vertical movement of water is known to assure improved water quality.

Bear in mind that you should hire skillful swimming pool contractors to have a luxurious overflow pool with the minimum hassle of maintenance.

Finding The Best Swimming Pool Contractors In Dubai?

KABCO has been in the swimming pool industry for 6 years. We house a team of highly skilled staff. Our staff is well-trained in installing both skimmer and overflow pools. What’s even better? Once the pools are installed, we will cover all its maintenance.

Our team is equipped with modern technologies as the latest equipment. We are here to guide and assist you in planning the best landscaping for your property. Just drop us a call and leave everything else on us.

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