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Clean And Fresh Pools – Just A Call Away

Swimming is a fun activity in the summers for all. Especially if you are in Dubai, swimming is the most favorite attraction for residents and tourists alike.However, if you are not a beach person, Dubai has a lot more to offer. Noticeably, aesthetically designed swimming pools are an essential part of landscapes in Dubai.

Having a swimming pool is one thing but to maintain its beauty is a task which requires a lot of effort. This article will bring to the light all that you need to know about the cleaning of swimming pools. Read on.

Wondering Why Does My Swimming Pool Need Cleaning?

A pool that is not clean and fresh will lose its charm and attraction for the guests. No one would like to jump into dirty and smelly water. Over and above that, water can get contaminated and will not be safe for people to use.

How Often Does My Pool Need Cleaning?

If you have hired professional swimming pool contractors, they will schedule 3-4 yearly detailed cleanups. Additionally, these cleanups involve checking the functioning of all equipment.Other than that, your pool requires clean up and refilling of water twice a month in between these quarterly check-ups.

What Things Should I Keep In Mind When Cleaning?

When cleaning your pool, there are a lot of things that might skip your mind. It’s not just about clean water, it’s also about making it hygienic. A few things to consider while cleaning the pool are as follows:

  • Good color and odor of the water
  • Safe water level
  • Removal of wastes and leaves
  • Chlorination and disinfecting the water
  • Maintain water pH levels
  • Cleaning the underlying tiles
  • Check water pumps and filters
  • Periodically spray algaecides and insecticides

Can I Self-Clean Or Will I Need Professional Help?

Self-cleaning swimming pools can be a tedious task. More importantly, self-cleaning is not feasible when you need to check the health of your filters and pumps. For that reason, you will need professional swimming pool contractors in Dubai to periodically check the pool equipment. They will check if it is working properly or if they need any repair or cleaning. Besides, if any sudden fault appears in the machinery, you will need someone skilled to respond in time.

In Addition to this, some tasks such as cleaning the underlying tiles or repairing any damage are also something you will be unable to do. Moreover, hiring professional swimming pool contractors in Dubai will save you a lot of time, money, and energy.

If you are thinking that how hiring someone would be money-saving? It will actually be. If your pool is regularly checked, cleaned, and maintained, it will prevent major faults and damages in the future. Or else, such issues can cost you a lot more to replace and repair.

Thinking Of Hiring A Swimming Pool Contractor?

Look no further as KABCO is the most experienced swimming pool contractor in Dubai. We have modern tools and our staff is highly skilled.What’s even better? We train our staff with the latest technologies. Best of all, we value your time thus speed and efficiency is our motto.

Then what are you waiting for? Give us a call right away and get your pools all clean and fresh in no time.