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5 Tips To Healthy Pools

Do you love to spend some time of the day relaxing in a fresh blue water pool? Are your weekends booked for swimming trips with your kids? If you are too fond of swimming, you definitely want it to be safe and healthy for you and your family. Right?

Notably, swimming pools, if not cleaned and water not changed regularly, can become very gross. Without any doubt, your kids will not want to jump into unpleasant pools.More threateningly, the wastes and contamination of water can pose severe health threats for you and your family.To facilitate you further with this regard, here’s a list of a few things you need to check regularly to keep your pool clean and hygienic.

1.  Good Color And Odor Of Water:

Is your pool water turning green? Do you find it mushy or smelly when taking a swim? Surely, it’s time that you give it some expert cleaning.Actually, the water needs to be changed. The underlying tiles need proper cleaning. To accomplish this purpose properly, you can hire a professional swimming pool maintenance company in Dubai. We will help you remove all the wastes and debris from the water. Moreover, we will remove any fallen dry leaves from the pool.

2.  Quality Of Water:

You might need to run a quality check on the water of your pool for safe use. Again, this is where you need an expert swimming pool maintenance company who will test the pH of the water. Bear in mind that, the water should not be more acidic nor alkaline but at a neutral pH. Experts make use of special tools to measure the pH levels.Adding more to this, the water should be at an appropriate temperature. Besides, you might also need to maintain a safe water level of the swimming pool especially if you have sections for kids.

3.  Disinfection:

When a lot of people are using the same pool, it can become home to a lot of bacteria and viruses. Needless to say, this contaminated water can make you sick very easily.For properly disinfecting this water, you will need help from a swimming pool maintenance company. Their team will add chlorine to the water to kill all contaminants. Moreover, we will take care of the sanitization of the water.

4.  Filtration:

If you want to keep the water clean, go for its periodic filtration. To serve this purpose in the right way, you need to hire a team from a professional general maintenance company in Dubai. We will check if all your filters and stabilizers are working properly. Furthermore, we will clean them regularly. What’s more? An expert swimming pool maintenance company will repair or replace if it finds any fault there.

5.  Prevent Algae Growth:

Wherever there is stagnant water, algae growth is mandatory. Algae can contaminate the water with many toxins which can cause illness.Additionally, it will give water a green color. To eliminate algae, you should spray water with algaecides.

Are You Seeking Professional Help?

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